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Information for you


Telephone interpreting

If no medical staff member is able to communicate with you, language agency Skřivánek s.r.o. ( can be contacted.

  • You can ask medical staff to contact the agency (this service will be paid by you)
  • or you can contact it on your own (call it at +420 604 226 279 or write to it at

For more information about telephone interpreting by Skřivánek s.r.o. visit:


Before intake to hospital

Before intake to hospital, follow the instructions of your GP or another doctor. Arrive at a clinic, where you are ordered, at the agreed time .


















What do we recommend to take with you into hospital?

- identity card

- insurance card

- recommendations for your intake into hospital and the results of your examination

- evidence of incapacity (unless you have been exposed)

- toiletries, tissues, paper towels, possibly bibs

- personal needs

- pajamas/nightgown, robe, socks etc.

- galoshes

- medicines that you take regularly

- aids you use (glasses, wand, hearing aids, dentures)


In the case of acute hospitalization ask about their delivery your close!


Hospitalization of a child

We allow parents staying with their hospitalized children.

Children under 6 years - accommodation of one of their parents is covered by health insurance.

Children over 6 years - accommodation of accompaniment is paid itself - the day fee is CZK 200.


















During your stay in the department with the child please cooperate with nursing staff and respect their guidelines.



Valuables such as jewelry, larger amounts of money, savings books etc. is recommended to leave home. If you took it with you to the hospital, we recommend you to give them (against confirmation) to nurse for safekeeping in the hospital safe. You can use portable player, TV or notebook after agreement with the medical staff. In any case, do not take weapons to the hospital or other objects and substances endangering life or health.


Please note that we are not able to secure your property against theft, loss or damage.



Tell your doctor about all medicines which you are currently taking. If you take some medications to treat specific diseases, take them with you to the hospital and hand them over on arrival at the department to your nurse. Your doctor will decide whether it is included in the spectrum of drugs that you will be served during your hospital treatment. During your stay in the hospital do not take any medication, about which is not your treating physician informed. You will get all medications in the exact doses and times from your nurse. Immediately tell your doctor or nurse any negative feelings when taking medication.




















Prescribed diet is an important part of treatment. Your diet is prescribed by your doctor with regard to your illness. Diets are prepared by professional dietetic staff on modern tablet system Rieber. If your doctor determine you a saving or special diet with restrictions such as spices, oil, salt etc., food may seem tasteless, but given your health state these restrictions are necessary. Some reasons can adjust your diet for half portions or 1 1/2 portions, in agreement with a physician.


Tell your charge nurse or doctor any comments on diet and any desire. If you get food or drink from your visitors, or if you buy it at a kiosk, ask the nurse or doctor whether it is OK. During treatment it is forbidden to consume alcohol.


Diagnosis of pain

If you have any pain, tell this to your doctor. Your message is important not only for diagnosis of your illness and your difficulties, but also for your treatment.



Smoking is generally stated as a risk factor in the development of many diseases. In the context of prevention, treatment and education about a healthy lifestyle is smoking in the whole area of the hospital prohibited.
















Daily schedule

Daily schedule is governed by the rules of the department during your hospitalization. Each department has developed domestic law, under which patients are subject. Physician and nursing staff along with you are responsible for the success of your treatment. You can leave department in a short time only with the consent of nurses, such as in the case of purchasing in kiosk, walking outside. Pass is provided mostly by prolonged hospitalization with the consent of the attending physician.


Extra rooms

In some departments there are extra rooms available. The fee for this room is stated on a price list and may be different in each department, depending on the type of amenities. Price varies between 310 CZK to 550 CZK per day. The hospital has limited capacity of extra rooms. Requirement to stay in this room should be arranged in advance with your doctor or nurse.



You are entitled to receive comprehensive information. Because of privacy, it will be told only to you and only to your close that you specify in the informed consent of healthcare. Information about your health state can not be administered by telephone.



















Pediatrics department visits are not restricted. Visits to maternity department are enhanced by 10 to 11 hours. In other departments visit recommended times are listed below.


Recommended visiting hours:

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat.......3 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Wed.......................................3 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Sun and holidays................2 p.m. - 4 p.m.


Ask your friends and relatives to attend you in the smaller groups, to take account of the other patients at room and not to forget the fact that patients need to rest. Visits to intensive care units and resuscitation department are governed by special regimes, therefore respect the guidelines of nursing staff.


Outside of these recommended hours you can agree with attending doctor/nurse on duty.


Spiritual service

Masses take place in the hospital chapel every saturday at 15:30 hours. If you are interested in meeting the priest and your condition does not allow it, tell your nurse to ensure the visit of a priest at the bedside.



Pharmacy is located near the reception desk of the hospital.

Opening hours:

Mon - Fri........................7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Sun and holidays........9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

















S ocial services

Social services are ensured by medical social workers. Their workplace is located on the ground floor of pavilion C. Phone: state line + 420 567 157 842, inner line 842.


Workers help patients and their families in solving personal and social problems, they represent patients in the negotiations with the authorities, organize assistance for patients and their families after hospital discharge (to home care or to other health and social facilities).



The release date will tell you your doctor beforehand, so you can ensure timely lift home. Before release, you will be informed by the doctor about follow-up associated with the treatment and about possible options for further care. You will receive a preliminary or permanent layoff report. Also, you must pay for hospital services provided (regulatory fees, fees for premium services).



Dear patients,


we wish you a speedy recovery and hope that you will be satisfied with the course of your hospitalization in our hospital.

If you want to thank our employees, we will appreciate if you support our hospital by donation sent on:


Account Number: 86-2774400277

Bank Code: 0100

Symbol: 414



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