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Obstetrics and gynaecology


This department investigates and treats problems of the female urinary tract and reproductive organs, such as endometritis, infertility and incontinence. It also provides a range of care for cervical smear screening and post-menopausal bleeding checks.













It has:

- a specialist ward
- day surgery unit
- emergency gynaecology assessment unit
- outpatient clinics.


This department provides services such as:

- antenatal and postnatal care
- prenatal diagnosis unit
- maternal and foetal surveillance
- general inpatient and outpatient treatment
- colposcopy, laser therapy or hysteroscopy for abnormal cervical cells
- psychosexual counselling
- recurrent miscarriage unit
- early pregnancy unit.


Overseen by consultant obstetricians and gynaecologists, there is a wide range of attached staff linked to them, including specialist nurses, midwives and imaging technicians.







Women now have a choice of who leads their maternity care and where they give birth. Maternity wards provide antenatal care, care during childbirth and postnatal support. Antenatal clinics provide monitoring for both routine and complicated pregnancies. High-dependency units can offer one-to-one care for women who need close monitoring when there are complications in pregnancy or childbirth.





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