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Diagnostic imaging department


Radiology is an important part of medicine today, helping doctors to diagnosis or detect abnormalities in bone, tissue and other internal parts of your body. It may also be used in helping to deliver precise types of medicine, or treatment to areas inside the body. All radiology tests require a physician's orders and your doctor will provide you with the information you need to arrange for your appointment with us.


This department provides a full range of diagnostic imaging services including:

- general radiography (X-ray scans)

- scans for A&E

- mammography (breast scans)

- ultrasound scans

- angiography (X-ray of blood vessels)

- interventional radiology (minimally invasive procedures, eg to treat narrowed arteries)

- CT scanning (scans that show cross sections of the body)

- MRI scanning.





Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is an advanced form of diagnostic imaging that uses magnetism, radio waves and computer technology to produce very clear pictures (images) of the body, without using radiation. MRI offers a safe, painless way to obtain important information about your body for the most accurate detection and treatment of disease and injury. Types of MRI exams




Neurological imaging:
- high resolution for detection of small lesions
- ultra-fast imaging for brain scans
- diffusion imaging, inner auditory canal


Vascular imaging:
- accurate quantitative flow imaging
- MRI's of brain, neck, abdomen and peripheral vessels


Body imaging:
- ultra-high resolution imaging of the abdomen and pelvis


Orthopedic imaging:
- high resolution imaging of joints with excellent contrast
- detailed depiction of sport injuries


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