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    Pain Clinic of ARO in Hospital Jihlava (algesiologic clinic) has been providing services to the patients suffering from the chronic intractable pain since 1993. Currently, its office hours are every day 9:00 am to 12:00 and 12:30 to 2:00 pm. After the office hours, our team takes care of patients with the acute post-surgery pain.

    Who is indicated for treatment in our clinics?

    Any patient suffering from the chronic pain whose cause is diagnosed but hard to treat or impossible to control for more than 3 to 6 months. Most commonly, this includes the back pain, joint pain, neuropathic pain or painful conditions connected with the advanced stage of cancer.
    The patient must be referred to our clinic by either a GP or a specialist, they must have a report with a brief summary of the undergone diagnostic tests, current medications, all known allergies and a clearly described cause(s) of the current pain conditions.

    Who should not be referred to the pain clinics?

    There is only one contraindication to admission to the algesiology care and that is the pain of an unknown or yet unexplained origin.

    What do you need for the initial examination at the pain clinics?

    A referral of a GP or a relevant specialist and the brief report described above.

    What can a patient expect us to do?

    Establishing a rational therapeutic plan whose aim is not to eliminate the pain (which is not even realistic) but the mere reduction of the pain intensity to the lowest possible level and the improvement of the sleep quality if that had been disturbed by pain.
    To achieve these goals, it is usually necessary to supplement the existing pharmacotherapy with a series of the analgetic infusions, invasive methods (such as targeted epidural injections) and the use of the other effective non-pharmacological methods, namely rehabilitation and psychotherapy.

    Doctors MUDr. Petr Cvrček, Ph.D.

    Phone +420 567 157 689

    Office hours
    MO - SU: 8:30 – 15:00

    Where to find us
    Block G, 1st floor