Haematology and Transfusion Unit

HTU divisions

  • Haematology laboratory

    It performs standard morphological hematological examinations, haemocoagulation and cytological examinations. All tests, including their ordering, are described in the laboratory manual.

    Laboratory manual HTU - CZ

  • Hematology clinic

    It deals with the diagnosis, treatment and dispensary care of patients with haematological and haemato-oncological diseases and haemostasis disorders. Standard haematological care is provided, including the administration of transfusion products and blood derivatives. The range of procedures performed, the availability of services and the staffing of this unit meet the requirements set by the haematological society for a standard haematological outpatient clinic. If necessary, patients who do not require intensive care are hospitalised in the internal or radiotherapy department of Hospital Jihlava. Doctors working at the outpatient clinic provide consular examinations for the hospital in the field of haematological issues. Office hours of clinics. Diagnosis and treatment of blood diseases requiring intensive haematological care, including bone marrow and peripheral stem cell transplantation and treatment of complicated haemostatic disorders, is carried out by appointment in highly specialised haematooncology units. For patients from our area, these are usually the Second Internal Haematooncology Clinic and the Department of Clinical Haematology of the Brno - Bohunice University Hospital. The staff constantly monitors and applies new methods in the diagnosis and treatment of the above mentioned diseases.

  • Blood-taking centre

    The Transfusion Station of the Hospital Jihlava operates in the mode of a blood donor centre. This means that all whole blood taken from donors is taken to the processor. Here, all transfusion products are made from the blood. Only the amount of transfusion products that are consumed in the hospital goes back to the Hospital Jihlava. Allogeneic whole-blood donations are mainly carried out at our blood donor centre. We also offer the possibility of autologous donations for patients with planned surgery.

  • Blood bank

    Here, according to the valid regulations, all transfusion products are stored and, if necessary, dispensed to individual departments of the hospital for specific patients. The blood bank monitors the consumption of individual transfusion products, which is always influenced by the current situation and patient mix in our hospital. Based on this information, it then places an order for transfusion products with the processor. Disposal of transfusion products in our hospital due to expiry dates is therefore almost zero and the blood of our donors is not wasted.