Blood and marrow donors

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Basic information

Human blood is a fluid with inimitable properties. Despite all the advances of modern science, it cannot be artificially produced, which is why it is still irreplaceable and indispensable in medicine.


Your blood can help several recipients:

It is used for the production of transfusion products (erythrocytes, plasma, platelet concentrates). These can be used: in surgery, for the treatment of anaemia, malignant tumours and diseases of haematopoietic tissue, in dialysis programmes (artificial kidney), in the treatment of severe injuries involving large blood losses, in exchange transfusions for newborns.
It is also used to make blood derivatives (medicines made from plasma, e.g. coagulation factor concentrates, albumin,...) These are used to replace blood proteins, for patients with haematological diseases, or as vaccines.
Thanks to more than fifty years of systematic efforts, the situation in the Czech Republic is relatively favourable. Voluntary and free donation has been promoted in the Czech Republic since the 1950s. Thanks to voluntary, free blood donors, patients in the Czech Republic have access to the necessary treatment.

If you are donating for the first time, we recommend reading the section First-time donors.

If you are interested in donation details, you can find out more at Course of blood taking.


Plasma donation:

At our centre we do not perform plasma drawing.


Marrow donation:

Our donation centre closely cooperates with the Czech Hematopoietic Cell Donor Registry. If you are interested, you can get information about marrow donation and you can fill in an entry questionnaire and register at our clinic.
For more information, please visit Information for marrow donors.


Vedoucí hematologické laboratoře, vedoucí výroby na OS dárců krve

Mgr. Jaroslav Zelený

Head of haematology laboratory and blood donor's centre

Blood-take hours

Blood taking - donnors

Mo - Thu
6:30 – 9:00

Autotransfusion collection

Mo, Tue
from 9:00 by appointment

Contact Information

Where to find us

Bone marrow donors can use this entrance only when it is open. If you have an appointment for a later time, you must come to the Hematology and Transfusion Department ("HTD") and ring the bell. The HTD can be found in Block D, on the 1st floor above the X-ray department.



You do not have to pay a parking fee while you are in the transfusion unit. You can park in any car park (outside the hospital or inside the premises).
Pick up a parking ticket when you enter the car park. Take it with you to the blood taking.
After the blood has been taken, your parking ticket will be stamped in the records of the blood donation centre. You can cancel your parking ticket at the hospital's information centre and leave the parking place in 30 min .
There is also a parking lot across from the entrance for donors, where 4 parking spaces are reserved - however, you must pick up a parking pass in the donor locker room to ensure your car is not towed!