Maternity Ward

Basic information

Welcome to the websites of the Maternity Ward of Hospital Jihlava.

In the links below you will find an overview of all the materinity-ward departments including the contacts. Each link gives the practical information, such as what to bring with you to the hospital, where to park, or the further information about registering to the delivery.

The websites are divided in a way enabling the clear and easy orientation.

In the photos, you can see the background of the newly renovated delivery rooms and the staff prepared to take care of you.

We are here for you and your baby.

Delivery-team heads

MUDr. Lucie Trýbová

MUDr. Lucie Trýbová

Zástupce primářky, vedoucí lékař porodního sálu a ambulance porodního sálu
MUDr. Monika Stretavská

MUDr. Monika Stretavská

Head of puerperium and pregnancy-in-risk department
Bc. Romana Daňhelová

Bc. Romana Daňhelová

Midwife in charge at the delivery room
Bc. Markéta Hosová

Bc. Markéta Hosová

Midwife in charge at puerperium department
MUDr. Eva Škorpíková

MUDr. Eva Škorpíková

Bc. Jana Joklová

Bc. Jana Joklová

Nurse in charge at the puerperium inpatient department
  • prim. MUDr. Petra Herboltová
  • prof. MUDr. Aleš Roztočil, CSc.
  • MUDr. Dionýz Dvořák
  • MUDr. Monika Stretavská
  • MUDr. Talal Salloum
  • MUDr. Lucie Trýbová
  • MUDr. Eliška Košťáková
  • MUDr. Veronika Kopuletá
  • MUDr. Tibor Focko
  • MUDr. Petronela Šimončíková
  • MUDr. Veronika Remiášová
  • MUDr. Tereza Chrudimská
  • MUDr. Eliška Janečková
  • MUDr. Markéta Fejtová
  • Dr. Olena Voit
  • MUDr. Pavel Šuster
  • MUDr. Martina Hanusková
  • MUDr. Kristýna Kožušníková
  • MUDr. Jana Kotasová
  • MUDr. Daniela Navrátilová
Peurperium department midwives
  • Bc. Ivana Chroustová
  • Bc. Tereza Cirkovská
  • Bc. Marie Mejstříková
  • Mgr. Jitka Pacalová
  • Bc. Blanka Pavlů
  • Darina Sedmíková, DiS.
  • Bc. Lenka Šerá, DiS.
  • Pavlína Šusterová
  • Mgr. Jaroslava Vaňková
  • Dana Veselá, DiS.
  • Vendulka Hricková
  • Bc. Ivana Hrevušová
  • Helena Kratochvílová
  • Mgr. Fojtová Veronika

Visiting hours

With no restriction.

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