Dermatology Department

Spectrum of provided care

Corrective dermatology
  • Removal of pigmented nevi and other skin formations.
  • Probationary excision.
  • Electrocautery.
  • Chemical peeling.
  • Jet plasma laser.


Acne clinic

The clinic was established at the skin department of Hospital Jihlava on 1st September 1999 to treat patients with the most severe forms of acne. Apart from the acne clinic in Brno, it is the only clinic of such a high specialization in the Czech Republic. The office hours of the clinic are every Wednesday, by appointment, on other days too.

  • Treatment of moderate forms of acne.
  • Treatment of the most severe forms of acne primarily with oral isotretinoin.
  • Treatment of the older patients with acne.
  • Treatment of the post-acne conditions.


Lymphology clinic

It is the only clinic of the kind in the Hospital Jihlava.

  • Both instrumental and manual lymphatic drainage massages are indicated in our department.
  • Treatment-supporting aids are prescribed.
  • We perform the instrumental and manual lymphatic drainage massages.


Clinic for children
  • It provides treatment for children and adolescents up to 19 years old. It specializes mainly in the acute and severe skin disease treatment.
  • Patients' treatment is based on the recommendation of pediatrists in the Vysočina Region and, if needed, from other regions too.
  • Patients with hemagiomas, pigmented nevi, atopic eczema and many other chronic skin diseases are also taken care of in our clinic.


Cosmetology services
  • They are intended primarily for the treatment of the post-acne conditions (scars) and skin pigmentation on the face area.
  • They include an initial examination, chemical perlination with fruit acids and the treatment with a dermaroller.


Pigment nevi check-up
  • It is performed clinically and with the help of a special device: the dermatoscope.
  • The check-up is possible on any day by prior appointment.
  • Dermatologists cooperate with the Melanoma Comittee of Hospital Jihlava.


 Clinic for biological treatment
  • It is the only clinic of that kind in the Vysočina Region.
  • It treats and takes care of patients with the most severe forms of psoriasis, atopic eczema, urticaria and hidradenitis, for which biological treatment is necessary.