Department of Clinical Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology

Spectrum of provided services

Standard services:
  • Biochemical tests.
  • Immunological tests.
  • Virological tests.
  • Bacteriological tests including bacterial serology.
  • Parasitological tests.
  • Consulting activities - clinical microbiology, rational ATB therapy, clinical biochemistry and immunology.
  • Testing for self-payers.
  • Testing for veterinary purposes.
  • Transport of biological material to other workplaces in case we do not perform the required tests.
  • Distribution of the sampling system and applications.


Premium services:

By prior arrangement, we perform laboratory tests for the needs of veterinarians.


Laboratory of Molecular Genetics (LMG).

In the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics of the Hospital Jihlava we specialize in the diagnosis of extrahuman (viruses, bacteria) and human (human) genome.
In the field of the extrahuman genome, we focus our attention on several areas, including sexually transmitted diseases, diseases caused by pathogens with affinity to the nervous system, respiratory diseases, and hepatitis B and C. Testing is performed using RT-PCR in both quantitative and qualitative modes.
In the field of human genome, we specialize in the examination of thrombophilic mutations, HLA-associated diseases, hemochromatosis, Gilbert syndrome and pharmacogenetic testing. For these investigations we use RT-PCR and DNA microarray methods.
Our portfolio of human genome testing also includes NGS technology for the diagnosis of hereditary cancer syndromes. This advanced method enables detailed analysis of genetic changes, which is of key importance for both prevention and treatment of cancers with a genetic predisposition.
Our laboratory is equipped with modern technologies. We are constantly striving to innovate and push our diagnostic capabilities to provide the best possible genetic diagnostics for our patients and physicians.