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Hospital Ombudsman

Hospital Ombudsman

The Hospital Jihlava values its patients as well as its employees and has established a hospital ombudsman to improve communication between patients, their relatives and employees.

At the Hospital Jihlava there is a hospital ombudsman Mgr. Jana Vácová, deputy of quality management.

The Hospital Ombudsman ensures the protection of the patients' and employees' rights at the Hospital Jihlava. It provides assistance to patients, their families and relatives in dealing with situations arising in connection with diagnosis, treatment and stay in the hospital. It also strives to ensure the smooth communication between patients, their relatives and hospital employees. It strives to improve the quality and safety of the health services provided and to maximize the satisfaction of patients and the hospital staff. The Ombudsman is independent in its activities and is in direct contact with the hospital management and the management of the individual medical departments.


What can the Hospital Ombudsman help you with?

The hospital ombudsman helps patients with their complaints, with problems in connection with the care and services provided, and helps with misunderstandings in communication between patients and staff. They also help with obtaining information that patients need and have not been told. The Ombudsman mediates communication between the hospital and the patient or their relatives, helps to find out the true state of affairs, and helps to find a common ground between the patient and the healthcare professional. The compliments from patients and their loved ones are also received by an Ombudsman.


How to contact the Hospital Ombudsman:
  • in writing to the Hospital Ombudsman, Vrchlického 59, 586 01 Hospital Jihlava p. o,
  • by e-mail to:,
  • by phone: 567 157 856,
  • personal meeting at the Ombudsman's office, Pavilion B, hospital headquarters (it is recommended to arrange a personal meeting by phone in advance).

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