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A volunteer is anyone who, in their free time, out of good will, and without financial reward, carries out activities for the benefit of other people. Anyone can be a volunteer, because each of us has something that can be given to others.

The hospital volunteer has a specific role
  • The volunteer (unlike the medical staff) does not have to be concerned about the illness and what the patient cannot do, but focuses on what is healthy and what the patient can do despite their illness.
  • The volunteer is oriented towards the human contact, in other words, "caring about the person and not the patient" is what matters.
  • The volunteer does not replace the work of the professional staff, but does his best to supports and complements it.

Volunteer Coordinators

Žofie Vojáčková

Žofie Vojáčková

Head of CSPP, Volunteer coordinator
Petra Humlerová

Petra Humlerová

Volunteer Coordinator

Our activities

  • Companion

    A volunteer comes regularly, 1-2 times a week, to a particular patient to keep them company, to talk, to spend time together (by reading, puzzle solving, walking, playing games, ...).

  • Canisteraphy

    Twice a week, our volunteers and their friendly dogs visit patients in the geriatric, oncology and pediatric departments.

    Do you have a dog with a friendly nature at home and some free time to do it? Be sure to help us, the most experienced canister therapist Petra will be happy to explain everything there is to know.

  • Virtual reality

    Afternoon activity for bedbound patients. In cooperation with Kaleido, we can take patients on a 15-minute trip beyond their everyday experience, e.g. to Karlstejn Castle, to Amsterdam, to the beach or the forest, or to a concert.

  • Piano

    Once a week/fortnight a volunteer plays the piano for patients at the palliative care unit (day, time and intervals by appointment).

  • Art workshops

    We hold a regular art workshop on Wednesdays at 3pm.

  • Singing and playing
    Hospital choir "THE SIDE EFFECTS"

    Under the guidance of our volunteer Helena Kostkova, the rehearsals are organized Every Wednesday from 18:30 on in the hospital chapel.

    The members of the choir come from the hospital staff, but also from the general public. So don't be afraid to apply to join our choir.

    We are looking for all voices regardless of age or experience...

  • Theatre ensemble
    Theatre ensemble at Hospital Jihlava

    Are you creative and do you like theatre? Do you have no problem to speak in front of people? Are you no stranger to funny?

    Do something for yourself and others and join us! Zero experience is not a barrier... 🙂 If you are interested, don't hesitate to contact Lucie Puskeiler (

    Currently, two theatre projects are in progress:

    1) Palliative Theatre - inspired by Michaela Váňová's project (more information on Divadlo v paliativní péči).

    2) Model situations for health professionals and SHS:

  • Other activities

    Our volunteers also do other activities for the patients of Hospital Jihlava. You can see the events that have already taken place in the "Previous events" section.

  • Flea market

    Our volunteers organize a flea market. It usually takes place in the blue corridor connecting Block E and Block D. Come, buy something for fun and do a good deed at the same time. Proceeds go to support volunteer activities. We look forward to seeing you!

  • Trips beyond the everyday experience

    In collaboration with Kaleido and the hospital's ICT department, we can take patients on a 15-minute trip while they stay in their beds using VR glasses.

    virtuální realita

    Trips offer

    Travelling around the Czech Republic
    Karlstejn, Charles Bridge, Brno, Czech Central Highlands, Most, Kutná hora, Karlovy Vary, Lipno and Sumava

    Trips abroad

    Venice, Italy, Berlin, Košice, Canary Islands, Florence, Westminster
    Miro Žbirka, Mňága a Žďorp, cello concert, old colonial, train museum, Brazilian dances


    walk in the park, alpine rest, forest by the water, mountains in the clouds, snow walk

    The trip is often followed by a talk about the experience or reminiscing about the trip itself.

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