Surgical Department

Information for patients

Dear patients

if you are coming to a planned admission for hospitalization, you must register now at the Contact Center of the Hospital Jihlava. You will be sent directly to the appropriate department then where you will be admitted by a doctor.

A complete internal pre-operative examination (no older than 14 days before the procedure) is essential for planned admission. This examination is arranged by the patient himself with the GP. The patient is also obliged to inform their GP about the planned procedure and the date of the surgery as soon as possible, so that the examination can be carried out in time.

A patient admitted without a complete pre-operative examination cannot undergo the surgery and his booking will be cancelled.

When a patient with a booking for a planned procedure falls ill, even though the disease may be unrelated to the planned procedure, the procedure, which is not at risk of delay, usually has to be postponed – if possible – primarily due to the patient safety and health protection (infectious diseases of the respiratory system, cardiological or metabolic disorders and other newly arising conditions). The patient is obliged to inform the surgeon in person or by phone about the illness that complicates the procedure and to reschedule or cancel the procedure.

On admission to hospital, it is required to sign the "Informed Consent" ("Positive Reversion")  – a document signed by the patient confirming consent to hospitalization, specifying to whom information about the patient's medical condition and other matters relating to the patient's privacy during hospitalization may be given.

If you are advised to be admitted to the hospital with an acute condition and you decide not to be admitted for any reason, you will also be required to sign the document "Negative reversion".