Department of Institutional Epidemiology

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The Department of Institutional Epidemiology is an independent non-inpatient unit whose main activity is the specific prevention with a focus on the specific risks in the health protection. It actively seeks out and investigates epidemiologically serious cases, monitors the healthcare-associated infections, supervises and helps with the observance of the barrier-nursing regime and ensures the isolation of patients, including the explanation of the necessary precautions.

The Department of Institutional Epidemiology provides preventive hygienic-epidemiological surveillance of all clinical departments and non-clinical sections of Hospital Jihlava. It carries out sampling and analysis of microbiological findings from the hospital environment. It participates in the education of the health-care staff in the hospital hygienic-epidemiological issues, creates the "Disinfection Programme" obligatory for Hospital Jihlava.

In cooperation with the Infectious Diseases Department of Hospital Jihlava and the hospital epidemiologist, it coordinates special vaccinations for employees. He conducts advisory and consultancy activities. The vision of the Department of Institutional Epidemiology is to create the Travel Medicine Unit, that is to establish an outpatient clinic which – in cooperation with the Infectious Diseases Department – will provide consultations and vaccination for travellers to the risky countries and alternatively to the Czech Republic too.

In the field of the healthcare-associated infections, the Department of Institutional Epidemiology provides methodological and technical conditions for the prevention system of the hospital-acquired infections and co-develops standards of the nursing care aimed at preventing infections associated with the healthcare. It creates and promotes a healthy and safe working environment for both staff and inpatients.


Mgr. Petra Vavřinová

Mgr. Petra Vavřinová, MBA

Head of Department of Institutional Epidemiology
MUDr. Alena Dvořáková

MUDr. Alena Dvořáková

Institutional epidemiologist
Mgr. Monika Fatrová

Mgr. Monika Fatrová

Epidemiology nurse

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