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Clean intermittent catheterisation

Clean intermittent catheterization (CIC) is a method used worldwide by patients with good upper limb function who have lost the ability to empty their bladder due to spinal cord injury after spinal cord injury, as well as in the case of certain neurological diseases (multiple sclerosis, multiple system atrophy, acquired or congenital spinal cord diseases, etc. ) and wherever urinary retention is due to causes not yet identified. Clean intermittent catheterization ensures quality bladder emptying without the need to push. In the case of pushing, despite the patient's enormous efforts, complete emptying usually does not occur. High-pressure emptying, together with high-pressure filling of the bladder, is associated with impaired transport of urine from the kidneys. These changes can lead gradually to the loss of the kidney function and its demise. The recurrent inflammation of the urinary tract and kidneys that often occurs with these conditions certainly contributes to this.
Functional disorders of the lower urinary tract must be treated. Treatment traditionally relies on pure intermittent catheterization, supplemented by medication, or application of onabotulinumtoxin A, or rarely a reconstructive surgery on the bladder.
Special catheters are fully reimbursed by the insurance company; the frequency of catheterization is based on the individual patient's needs.
Before starting the autocatheterisation, the patient is given detailed training by an experienced nurse in a quiet, intimate environment. In the case of young children, parents are educated.
In the case of diseases associated with a functional disorder of the lower urinary tract, proper treatment is a prerequisite for a significant improvement in quality of life.

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From patients

There are many of us, we often don't even know each other, and yet we meet on the street, in restaurants, in offices, but also during sports or attractive holidays on sunny beaches. Yes, us who empty our bladder with a catheter. We don't know each other perhaps because it is a very discreet thing that no one needs to know about. We women easily add the catheter to a cosmetic bag, a smart handbag, we men to a work briefcase, backpack or sports bag. And we have always been alone in the toilet!
Still, we wonder if it's all pointless !?
It certainly isn't, we have returned to family, work and social life without a disability.
In private we enjoy beautiful moments, at work we are fully focused on our tasks. We can arrange activities for many weeks in advance without worrying. Yes, we can, no urinary infection will spoil our plans anymore. By actively catheterising, we protect our health, our kidneys, which can work undisturbed when the bladder is functioning properly. The bladder is their guardian, and with the catheter, or the necessary medication, it now protects our kidneys, our health. Who would want to sit in crowded waiting rooms of surgeries often before replacing a permanently inserted catheter. No one wants the discomfort associated with it, the fear of bleeding, of urinary stone formation. Nobody wants to have to take antibiotics repeatedly. Moreover, repeated infections put a great strain on our organism, which often needs strength elsewhere.
Without the catheter we use, it is difficult to avoid unwanted urine leakage! Who wouldn't wish to be permanently free of these hygienic difficulties and social embarrassments? We can't even remember the last time this happened, after all, with a new bladder emptying, these unpleasant episodes are pleasantly forgotten! We can go everywhere without worry, including swimming pools or spas.
There can therefore be no doubt whatsoever as to the correctness of the decision. A catheter in our hands is the right choice.