Information for patients and visitors

Parking in the Hospital area

Parking in the Hospital area

Hospitalized patients

Your car can be parked in P1 in the hospital area (entrances from Rantířovská and U Cvičiště streets). You can pay in cash only at the ticket office upon departure. Please note, there is a maximum daily limit only at this location. In the location P2 and P3 each hour is counted and paid.


ZTP-card holders

Parking is free and can be arranged at the Information Centre - lobby of the main entrance of Hall A.


Blood donors 

Free parking is also available for the blood donors. They will confirm their visit to the haematology and donors will also arrange their parking at the Information Centre.


Parking-fee payment

If you want a proof of the parking-fee payment, the meter can print your receipt after you have attached the ticket. Alternatively, the information centre in the foyer at the main entrance will also provide you with a ticket.

V automatech můžete platit v hotovosti a také platební kartou. V areálu jsou celkem čtyři platební místa a kartu lze využít u Sociálního centra Kraje Vysočina a také na  parkovišti před hlavním vchodem do nemocnice.

Instructions on how to use the parking meter:

  • Stop at the entrance barrier.
  • Press the parking-ticket button on the stand.
  • Take the parking ticket and keep it carefully.
  • Keep driving into the hospital area towards your destination (parking is possible only in marked spaces).
  • The entrance and exit are marked with traffic signs.
  • Before leaving the hospital area, it is necessary to pay the parking fee at the meter.
  • When leaving the hospital area, you will reach the exit stand where you will use your parking ticket.
  • The time between paying and leaving the hospital area is 15 minutes.


Parking system operation: +420 734 795 894 (parking problems).


There is a strict ban on parking on roads outside marked car parks in the entire area of the hospital. If you leave your vehicle outside of the demarked spaces, you will be subject to towing, including all associated costs.

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