Neurology Department

Spectrum of provided care

The Neurology Department of the Hospital Jihlava is a complex inpatient and outpatient department, the largest in the Vysočina Region, which provides specialized diagnostic and therapeutic care to patients with a wide range of neurological diseases. For a large group of patients, it serves as a consultative workplace with supra-regional competence. Our neurological department with a specialized ICU and a cooperating inpatient RHB department has the status of the Ictal Centreaccredited by the Ministry of Health. In the intensive care unit, inpatient ward and in cooperation with the rehabilitation department we treat patients with acute stroke, brought by ambulance from the larger part of the Vysočina Region. Another specialised centre, caring for patients from the whole Vysočina Region, is our Centre for Demyelinating Diseases, certified by the Czech Neurological Society JEP, which carries out specialized diagnosis and treatment of patients with multiple sclerosis.

In 2014, our workplace was newly classified as one of the regional spasticity centers, which provide specialized care for patients with spasticity after stroke and as a result of other neurological diseases, including the possibility of botulinum toxin application and follow-up specialized rehabilitation. In addition to center-based care for patients with stroke, demyelinating diseases and spasticity, we provide specialized outpatient and inpatient care for patients with seizure disorders, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases of the nervous system, neuromuscular and myoskeletal diseases, extrapyramidal and cognitive disorders, headaches, spinal disorders and other diseases of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system.

The inpatient ward has 40 beds, since 2012 we have an 8-bed specialised intensive care unit in the Pavilion of Emergency and Intensive Care, which is primarily a specialised workplace of the Ict Centre. Thanks to the contribution from the European Structural Funds and the Vysočina Region, we have also acquired modern equipment for monitoring vital functions of patients, ultrasound examinations of cerebral arteries and for specialized rehabilitation, especially of patients after stroke. We continue to be the largest neurological department in the Vysočina Region in terms of capacity. The number of modern diagnostic and therapeutic procedures at our department is still on the rise.

The neurology department employs a total of 13 physicians (12 of them with specialized competence), 1 physician with certification in child neurology, and 36 nurses. There are also a total of 3 physiotherapists. A speech therapist is also part of our team.

For patients with acute cerebral vascular disease, ultrasound examination of the cerebral arteries is available continuously, as well as computed tomography (CT) examinations, performed in the department of imaging methods on a multidetector machine with the possibility of CT angiography and perfusion methodologies. Since 2009, magnetic resonance imaging has also been available, which significantly improves the diagnostic accuracy, particularly in the field of demyelinating diseases, but also in vascular, tumour, inflammatory and vertebrogenic diseases.

In cooperation with the surgical department, a programme of revascularisation procedures on the main cerebral arteries is continuously developed - mainly carotid endarterectomies, in which the neurology department participates in the diagnostic and indication process and also in peroperative ultrasound monitoring. In cooperation with the radiodiagnostic department, patients with vertebrogenic diseases are provided with epidural and periradicular sprays (under CT control), another option is the specialized application of ozone. We continue to cooperate with neurosurgical departments (FN Brno U sv. Anny, FN Brno Bohunice, FN Prague - Královské Vinohrady and ÚVN in Střešovice).

In the outpatient part of the neurology department, in addition to the general outpatient clinic with daily operation for booked and acute patients (ordering is done via the electronic e-ambulance system), we also operate specialized clinics - an outpatient clinic for seizure disorders, a cerebrovascular clinic, a clinic for neuromuscular disorders, a myoskeletal clinic, and a clinic for extrapyramidal diseases, headaches and cognitive disorders. Since 2011, the Demyelinating Diseases Care Centre has been a certified centre providing specialised treatment to dispensary patients from all over the Vysočina Region, whose number is still growing. We provide treatment with DMD drugs (disease stabilizing drugs) and participate in several clinical trials with new therapeutic agents.

We are accredited for postgraduate specialisation training in neurology at a higher level. The Neurosonography Department is a postgraduate training centre of the IPVZ.