Clinical Pharmacology


The Clinical Pharmacy Unit also provides medication evaluation for outpatients. This service is covered by health insurance and requires a GP or a specialist's application (From K). The patient can also pay for the consultation as a self-payer (see Price list of Hospital Jihlava).
Appointments for the evaluation of medication can be made by phone:  +420 567 157 623, or by email:


Information on filling in the application form

Indicate on the application form (or attach to it):

  • Reason for the medication evaluation request (e.g. polypragmasia - drug combination evaluation; drug interaction evaluation; suspected adverse reaction; elimination disorder - renal or hepatic insufficiency).
  • Patient's entire diagnosis.
  • Complete and up-to-date patient medication, including dietary supplements.
  • Current results of the laboratory tests (especially blood count, coagulation, liver enzymes, renal parameters, ionogram; ev. thyroid, lipidogram - if relevant).
  • The application should be complemented by reports from the specialists who take care of the patient.

After evaluation of the medication, a report (pharmacotherapeutic recommendation) will be prepared for the GP with a suggestion of a suitable course of treatment – the clinical pharmacist does not change the medication, the findings are communicated to the doctor.