Blood and marrow donors

First-time donors

Have you decided to donate blood at our blood donation centre? Then you should know what to expect, what conditions you must meet to make your donation as comfortable as possible.


Hello, thank you for your interest in donating blood at our blood donation centre.

As a first-time donor you you do not need to pre-register or make an appointment,  please make your appointment only for future blood takings. To avoid unnecessary worry and frustration of not being able to donate blood, we ask you to check if you comply with the conditions for donation, which can be found at Conditions for donation.


Am I a suitable donor?

You know yourselves best and are able to judge whether you meet the criteria for a suitable blood donor. In the comfort of your home, we advise you to familiarise yourself thoroughly with the document Instructions to the blood donor. You will be given this document to review before each blood taking. In the "Instructions" you will find basic information about the risk factors that can affect the quality of the donated blood. If you do not meet the criteria of a suitable donor, it is better to refrain from donating blood. Women should not donate blood during menstruation or pregnancy.


Appropriate clothing is important:

Wear short-sleeved or loose-fitting clothing for the procedure to allow easy access to the blood taking area - the elbow socket. We do not recommend women to wear miniskirts.


  • Photo ID (ID or driving licence, passport). For the time being, we do not accept electronic versions of identity documents.
  • Proof of health insurance valid in the Czech Republic
Catering and preparation for blood taking:

You must not starve under any circumstances! Keep drinking!

The day before blood taking: do not eat fatty foods or drink alcoholic beverages, drink the recommended amount of fluids 2.5 to 3 liters. Take a resting regime; increased activity may affect your laboratory results. Take your medications as usual, remembering to list them all on the questionnaire you will be completing (be sure to know the names). On the day of the test: in the morning, eat a non-fat meal (roll, jam, honey, fruit,...). Dairy and meat products that are fatty are not suitable. Also, whole grain products are not suitable as they contain various types of nuts and seeds which are fatty. Drink at least 0.5 litres of fluid (sweetened tea, mineral water, water, juice) before donation. Coffee should be consumed without milk or cream. Do not smoke before donation (12 hours prior to donation)!