Pharmacy history

Until 1950, the hospital in Jihlava was supplied semi-annually from public pharmacies. Since 1950 the supply of the hospital was taken over by Voneš's pharmacy at the Tobacco Factory. For faster supply, the hospital administration established a dispensary on the ground floor of the surgical pavilion. The growing hospital then began to build its own pharmacy in the premises of the archives. It was opened in 1952 and its first employee was PhMr. Jiří Fišer. After the dissolution of the Jihlava Region in 1960 and the establishment of the OÚNZ, it was entrusted with the function of the district pharmacy. PhMr. František Landsmann became the head pharmacist. In 1961 a new department of complex supply of medical material was established.

In 1952, the Ministry of Health succeeded in arranging for the construction of a department for the production of infusion solutions (VIR), which was set up in the premises of the closed prison department and began operation on 5 May 1966. Lev Válek, RNDr., became the head of the VIR. VIR supplied infusion solutions to hospitals in Jihlava, Trebic, Nové Město na Moravě, Znojmo, Vyškov. Production was ended in October 1993, as reconstruction according to the new requirements would be too expensive and the production in small batches became uneconomical. The hospital started buying the whole range of infusion solutions elsewhere, in particular from large manufacturers.

The existing pharmacy premises were becoming inadequate, so in 1990 the pharmacy, except for the VIR (still on the premises of the old hospital) moved to the new premises adapted in the former internal medicine pavilion. At the beginning of 1997, after the structural modifications, the preparation of "all in one" bags (preparation of complete parenteral nutrition for ICU and ARU patients) was started, and kept operating till 2001 when it was finished due to the sufficient supply of these bags from the pharmaceutical manufacturers.

After the pharmaceutical service was dissolved, the pharmacy became one of the departments of the hospital. In November 2003, the relocation of the pharmacy to the new hospital was completed.
In mid-June 2007, a new pharmacy department for the central preparation of cytostatics was put into operation.

On 16 September 2013, the health aids shop was opened.
In 2017, a new workplace for the preparation of SPECT radiopharmaceuticals was built in the Nuclear Medicine Department and in 2018 it was equipped with a device for dilution of PET radiopharmaceuticals. The preparation is carried out by the trained pharmacy staff.

In July 2019, a new and modern workplace for the preparation of cytostatics was opened, equipped with 2 isolators and its own air conditioning.

The planned reconstruction of the dispensing area of the pharmacy for the public took place in 2021. The customer area was expanded and the number of dispensing points increased from 3 to 6.