Surgical Department

Spectrum of provided care


20 doctors, including 14 doctors with specialised competence (two attestations), 3 doctors with attestation in vascular surgery, 4 doctors with attestation in surgical oncology, 1 doctor with attestation in paediatric surgery and 1 in training.

49 non-medical health care workers, of which 12 are with the university degree (4 with master's degree, 8 with bachelor's degree), 15 with ARIP specialization, 4 surgical nursing, 3 ostomy nurses and 2 management in nursing care.


Inpatient department

Ward A (Aseptic Ward) provides diagnostic and therapeutic services for adults, including diagnosis of surgical diseases, preparation for surgery and post-operative care.

Ward B (septic ward) provides diagnostic and treatment services for patients with infectious surgical diseases and infectious complications of surgical diseases.

The multidisciplinary intensive care unit (ICU) provides care for adult patients in acute conditions, after surgical procedures requiring intensive care.

The outpatient part includes a surgical clinic and specialized clinics.

The surgical clinic provides the comprehensive care for patients with acute and non-acute surgical diseases on workdays. The following diseases are treated in the clinic:

acute diseases of the abdominal organs, manifested most often by abdominal pain, vomiting, or bleeding from the rectum or vomiting of blood, tumours of the digestive tube, hernias, varicose veins, benign tumours of the subcutaneous tissue (especially lipomas), inflammatory diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, various defects and ulcers, post-operative checks, vascular diseases, impaired blood circulation in the limbs, acute rectal diseases - bleeding, rectal pain, inflammation around the rectum, breast diseases - inflammation, breast pain, newly discovered breast lumps.


Specialized clinics provide care in a particular field:

Emergency service – provides comprehensive care to patients with acute surgical diseases outside the office hours of the surgical and traumatology outpatient clinic, i. e. on weekdays 15:30 - 7:00 and non-stop on holidays. In cooperation with the surgical and traumatology clinics, it ensures the non-stop care for surgical patients.

Indication ambulance of the Head Doctoron the recommendation of a doctor of a surgical clinic, a surgical department or in consultation with the chief surgeon, it provides care to patients with all surgical diseases.

Paediatric surgical clinic – has been providing the comprehensive care to pediatric patients with surgical diseases from the Highlands and the surrounding area i. e. examination and monitoring patients before and after surgery or making appointments for surgical procedures. For more severe diseases requiring more demanding surgical procedures, such as congenital defects, it cooperates with higher-ranked centres - especially with the Hospital in Motol in Prague.

Breast (mammary) clinic – provides comprehensive care for patients with breast disease requiring surgical management and for the follow-ups after the breast surgery. Outside of breast clinic office hours, patients are are checked-up at the surgical clinic.

Proctologic clinic – provides the comprehensive care for patients with rectal diseases such as inflammation, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, tumors of the rectum and anal canal. This care includes the diagnosis, treatment and indication for surgery.

Vascular clinic – provides the comprehensive care for patients with the vascular-system diseases. These are mainly disorders of the arterial system – the carotid arteries, the arterial system of the upper and lower limbs, and the abdominal aorta.

Chronic-wound healing clinic – provides the comprehensive care to patients with non-healing wounds, chronic and non-healing defects. Most often, patients with lower limb defects called diabetic foot (foot changes in diabetics), tibial defects due to arterial and venous insufficiency or decubitus (bedsores) are treated.