Otorinolaryngologické oddělení (ORL)

Information for patients

Dear patients,
below you can download the informed consents for each procedure as well as the questionnaire for parents before procedures in our department.

You can make an appointment for surgery by calling 731 628 860 between 10:00 and 12:00 on weekdays.
To make an appointment, you need to know the exact scope of the recommended surgery and the name of the referring physician.
If you wish to consult the doctors of our department about the indication for surgery, you must make an appointment via e-ambulance.
The head of the department reserves the right to cancel an appointed surgery in serious cases; the patient will be informed by telephone and an alternative date will be arranged.

Children for ENT surgeries report to the outpatient department of the children's ward for admission at 13:00.
Adult patients should arrive at the contact centre by 9:00 am. On weekends and holidays, scheduled admissions will take place in the ENT department by 11:00 am, or 10:00 am if lunch is requested.