About Hospital

Hospital Jihlava, contributory organisation

Hospital Jihlava, contributory organisation

Vrchlického 59, 586 01 Jihlava
tel.: +420 567 157 111
fax.: +420 567 301 212
ID NUMBER: 00090638
VAT ID: CZ00090638


Hospital bank accounts

Bank account: 18736681/0100

Address for sending electronic invoices:

Established on the basis of the charter approved by Resolution No. 074/02/2003/ZK at the meeting of the Vysočina Region Council on 31 March 2003.

ISDS ID: 4srk6jw The maximum size of one data message is 100 MB.

Address of the electronic mailroom: The maximum size of one e-mail including attachments is 10 MB.


Electronic submission requirements:

The Jihlava Hospital, contributory organization accepts following formats as an attachment to the submission:

  • MS Word document (.doc, .docx).
  • MS Excel document (.xls, .xlsx).
  • The output data format for static text documents and combined static text and image documents is PDF/A (Adobe Acrobat Reader document format).
  • The output data format for static image documents is PNG, TIF/TIFF, JPEG/JFIF.
  • The output data format for databases is XML.
  • The output data format for electronic accounting records is ISDOC.
  • Electronic signature is accepted only for PDF/A, ZFO, FO formats. For e-mail messages in S/MIME format.
  • Send only one submission per e-mail message (or per technical medium).
  • If multiple electronic documents are part of a single submission, it must be clear which document is the actual submission and which documents are additional electronic attachments to that submission.


Procedure in case of the defective submission receiving:

  • If the document in digital form, including the data message in which it is contained, is incomplete, cannot be displayed (not readable), contains malicious code (incorrect data format or computer program that is capable of causing damage to the information system or information processed by the Hospital Jihlava), is not in a data format or is not stored on a portable technical data carrier on which the Hospital Jihlava receives documents in digital form, the sender, if known, will be informed of this fact and a procedure for eliminating the defect in the document will be established. If the Hospital Jihlava is unable to identify the sender or if it fails to remove the defect in the document in cooperation with the sender, the document will not be further processed.
  • If it is found that the received analogue document is incomplete or illegible and the Hospital Jihlava is able to identify the sender, it will inform the sender of the defect and request a resubmission. If the sender cannot be identified, the submission shall not be processed further.



Kraj Vysočina, Žižkova 57, Jihlava


Subject and main purpose of the activity:

The organization provides health care, which includes outpatient, inpatient, specialized diagnostic and therapeutic care, necessary preventive care and pharmacy activities. The organisation carries out scientific, educational and information activities in the health sector, which include, in particular, the conduct of clinical evaluation of the effects of drugs and new medical technology, scientific research activities, undergraduate education of the health professionals, postgraduate and continuing education of health professionals and the operation of a professional library.


Complementary activities:

  • Meal catering and meal sales to external customers.
  • Preparation and sale of food and supplementary assortment in canteens or cafeterias, including the sale of own products.
  • Dispensing and sale of medicines, substances and medical devices, sale of other materials and goods.
  • Operation of the car park, charging for entry to the areas.
  • Rental of movables.
  • Organisation of cultural, sporting and social events, operation of physical education and sports facilities.
  • Sterilisation of medical supplies.
  • Medicinal products distribution.
  • Property rental, in particular the apartments and non-residential premises rental.