Information for patients and visitors

Hospital Jihlava, contributory organisation

Information for patients

Dear patients

Welcome to the Hospital Jihlava. Hospitalization in a hospital is an intervention in your everyday life, but our doctors, nurses and other staff are ready to provide you with the quality health care at a professional level with an emphasis on your safety.
Follow the instructions of your GP or doctor before going to hospital. Make an appointment in advance at the clinic.


What to bring with you when hospitalized:
  • ID card.
  • Health-insurance card.
  • Admission recommendations and check-up results.
  • Sick-leave documents (if applicable).
  • Toiletries, tissues, pads, or diaper panties.
  • Personal items.
  • Pajamas/nightgown, robe, socks and other clothing.
  • Slippers.
  • Medication you take regularly.
  • Compensatory aids such as glasses, cane, hearing aid, dentures.

If your hospitalization is urgent, ask your close person to bring you these things.


Hospitalization of the child

We allow parents to stay with their hospitalized child. For children under 6 years of age, the accommodation of the accompanying person is covered by the health insurance, for older children the fee is 330 CZK a day without meals or 585 CZK with meals.



It is important not to use valuable items such as jewellery or large sums of money. If you have brought them with you, give them to the nurse on the inpatient ward for safekeeping.



Inform your doctor about your medication. Bring the medicines you take regularly with you and hand them in to the relevant department.



Diet is part of the treatment, so follow the prescribed diet. If you have any comments or requests about diet, tell the nurse or doctor.


Pain diagnosis

If you are in pain, inform your doctor. The right information on your pain is crucial for treatment.



Please note that there is a no smoking policy in the hospital.


Daily schedule

Your stay in the hospital will be subjected to the regime of the relevant department. You and the staff share responsibility for the success of your treatment. If you need to leave the inpatient ward, inform the nurse and get her consent.


Regulatory fees

The regulatory fee for visiting the emergency room between 15:30 and 7:00 is 90 CZK. It can be paid either in cash or by card.


Paid rooms

If you are interested in staying in a paid room, please ask the department for the price. The capacity of these rooms is limited, so please arrange your stay with the doctor or nurse.



You will obtain the information about your medical condition from your treating physician, but it may only be provided to you and your chosen close person. They may be asked for a password authentication.


Recommended visitng hours

Mo, Tue, Thu, Fry, Sat:    15:00 – 16:00

Wednesday:                        15:00 – 17:00

Sundays and holidays              14:00 – 16:00

Ask your relatives and friends to be considerate to the other patients in the room.
Visits outside the recommended hours are always possible by arrangement with the nursing staff.


Spiritual services

Máte u nás k dispozici nemocniční kapli. Detailní informace here..



The hospital pharmacy is open on weekdays and weekends.


Social service

If you are dealing with your social situation – contact the social health workers at the Social and Support Services Centre.



Before your discharge from hospital, the doctor will inform you in time about the further treatment and care options. Before you leave the hospital, pay the amount for services rendered over and above your regular insurance.
We hope that your hospitalization will be successful and we wish you a speedy recovery.
If you would like to thank the hospital staff, you can do so HERE.

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